Caregiver / Alternative Education

We endeavor to develop the skills of YOU  the caregiver so that you begin to use your inherent skills to become a better teacher, counselor and guide to your child. As part of your training we include the following:

Understanding The caregivers role
Understanding the child
Partnering with our school

v  Characteristics of the Exceptional child

v  Understanding who we are/ Self-empowerment (How our existing beliefs and understanding are helping/obstructing the development of the child.

v  Our Teaching/Management Style

v  The practice of Applied Behavioral Analysis

v  How to use Precision Teaching  / Brain Gym/ Etc.

v  Temperaments & learning style of our child

v  Tools for communication

v  Keys to Positive Discipline

v  How to manage & Motivate the child

v  The power of exercise and Nutrition

v  How to use sensory activities in the classroom.

v  How to build Academic Success

v  How to be more effective teachers and guides in the classroom

v  Stages of Child growth and development

v  The role of Grief and Loss.

v  How to strengthen student/parent teacher Relationships