Stephen Dubrofsky
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Education:  B.A. Psychology - Loyola College -  (Montreal)
                     M.A. Learning Disabilities - Kent State U.
                     M.Ed. Education Administration - Columbia U. -  (New York, N.Y.)
                     Behavior Psychology - U. of Kansas - post graduate studies - (Lawrence,Ks.)

Mr. Dubrofsky’s academic experience is extensive and focuses not only on the needs of the special needs child but also a holistic view on how to create a balance between the home and the school. He has a Bachelors degree in Psychology with an emphasis on child development. His Masters in Learning Disabilities focused on children with learning disabilities, behavior disorders and developmental disabilities. His Masters in Education Administration focused on leadership skills in the workplace and how to maximize performance and motivational levels of his staff so that they may strive to be exemplary role models to their students and fellow teachers. Mr. Dubrofsky’s emphasis on the development of a close relationship between the school and the family has resulted in optimum student performances no matter what the educational or social challenges may have been.

In addition to the above degrees he has done extensive post graduate work in Behavioral Psychology.

 For the past 14 years Mr. Dubrofsky has been working as a family coach. He looks  to empower the caregiver no matter what the circumstance to create positive changes within their situation. It is specifically designed to teach the caregiver how to be outstanding teachers, guides and advocates to their children. 

It is the practice  to meet and work with the caregiver right in their home to identify their individual needs and then create a personalized plan designed to produce a more positive and nurturing home environment.

Not only has Mr. Dubrofsky facilitated growth and positive shifts within a quantum of families but as Director of Parent College he has trained other professionals to go out and do this family work.  His experiences have crossed a vast spectrum of special needs including working with child and family services.


The training program that Mr.Dubrofsky created follows this outline:

  • Looking at environmental stressors.
  • Self-awareness and its potential impact on change in the family.
  • Parenting Styles and temperaments of your child – An opportunity for powerful change.
  • How to bridge the gap between your working environment and family life?
  • Nutritional habits and their effects on the individual and family
  • Exercise regimens and there effects on the individual and family
  • The social and academic performance of your children.
  • How to manage and motivate your child.
  • Cultural differences between families.
  • How to identify special needs within the family.
  • How to deal with grief, loss and the cycle of failure within the child. Within the adult.
  •  How to develop a partnership with the school system.
  • The role that caregivers play. The role of the child.
  • What are the things that may be inhibiting caregivers from achieving those goals that they have?
  • What to do about them?


In addition to the above Mr. Dubrofsky is a published author and what follows is a review of his most recent book, “There is No Magic.”

"There is No Magic" is a book for the ages. Linda Hutton of Hutton Book-Review Services says:

 It "is a valuable resource for anyone in contact with at-risk children". "There Is No Magic" was written specifically for parents of children with special needs, to help them find ways to provide an environment to nurture and enhance the child's physical, social and educational growth and development.

It has been greeted with open arms by parents from all walks of life who are confronted with an entire spectrum of parenting challenges. He helps parents understand children of special needs, emotional trauma, mental illness and more and puts everything into a workable framework that guarantees social and family improvement in the home.

His 2nd  is entitled;

 “Wisdom in the Family" focuses on practical experience. Stephen is an expert in guiding children and families to understand how they can be the best they can be. According to Stephen all children are "Exceptional" and all families are "Exemplary."


Professional Experience:

· Parent College. An innovative program which facilitates self-mastery in individuals so that they may become more effective parents thereby changing the nature of their family.
· Creator and facilitator for “Leadership from Within” Workshop. This program is designed to promote self-mastery and achievement of personal and professional goals.
· New Decision Therapy Practitioner - 2 years.
· Facilitator in a North American Study using a Magnet Sleep System therapy for AD/HD children as an alternative approach. ( Nov. 2000 - May 2000)
· Featured on The Erin Davis Show - (AD/HD topics)
· Parenting column - Monthly column appears in “The Town Crier” (Portfolio available upon request)
· Written manual- “How to Teach Our Child- At home - At School”
· Author of “There Is No Magic”… but there are alternatives to parenting exceptional children
· Ontario School Advocate – articles: 
  1. Parenting Styles vs. Temperaments of our children.  
  2. How to become better partners with our school.  
  3. As parents, how we can empower ourselves, create change by playing a greater role in our Parent Council.

Professional Speaking Engagements:

· Scarborough General Hospital Family Clinic, Whitby Family Clinic, Seminars for Parents, Learning Disability Associations of Toronto and Scarborough, AD/HD Parent group in Markham.
· Featured on the Christine Williams Show (CTS T.V.) topics included 1) How we can prevent our kids from falling through the cracks 2) Life solutions for Teens 3) The implications of how our educational system is treating the exceptional child.
· Featured on Omni T.V. (Toronto, Canada)
· Featured on the “Mind, Body & Movement Show – Jill Hewlitt (Toronto, Canada) “ As parents how can we empower ourselves and our children?”
· Parenting Workshop – Trailblazing Parenting

Topics for Discussion:

· How “Precision Teaching” increases both the RATE and ACCURACY of learning, by focusing on teaching strategies, learning modalities and strategic teacher interventions.
· A Prescription for Parents to see lasting changes & growth. Results-development of social/academic skills. Increased self esteem, building of self-controls, self-empowerment, nurturing family unity.
|· A model on how to teach parents: How to be better role models, Keys to positive discipline, keys to teaching study skills, how to assess what their child’s academic/social needs are, how to be better partners with their children with their schools.

Our mission is to re-educate the parent on how to create a more nurturing and cohesive family unit. We teach “You” how to “Teach” yourself to be better Teachers, Counsellors, Advisors, to your child.