I Knew I Shouldn’t have Done It

“I Knew I Shouldn't have Done It….but I did.”  

Is about our individual journey as it relates to Relationship. I believe that you will see how it is in alignment with those “Simple Truths” we need to know that facilitate our growth and development.


The book has 3 distinct parts; The first is identifying certain developmental stages that we go through in life. Like beginning to crawl, then learning how to stand up for who we are, how to deal with our obstacles, humiliations, crisis, etc; learning how to get really good and feeling comfortable with those around us; Learning how to be of help to others that are around us.

The Second part is identifying some tools that will help us develop a greater understanding of which we are, tools that we can use to help us navigate through our unique life experiences.


The third are actual life experiences that when shared will help others in their step by step journey. That will help others feel better in the knowing that they are not alone. Will help others shift and transform into someone who can better manage their own life situation and facilitate the next step for them to make.