There is No Magic

"There is No Magic,,, but there are alternatives to parenting an exceptional child ”

“There is No Magic” is designed to help parents who have children with special needs, and by doing so create a deeper understanding of themselves, their children and their family. It presents a paradigm, which allows for the possibility for parents and children to create new and more open spaces, which fosters growth, understanding and compassion.

 It help’s to develop awareness’ and skills of what their child’s needs are, what YOUR (parents) needs are and how to deal with issues that were once thought insurmountable. It talks about how parents can become better advocates for their child and better partners with their child and their school. It gives parents a perspective of what the school can offer and how the style of educating their special needs child has changed. It offers insight into how the home can be made into a better educational and social environment.

 “There is No Magic” helps to teach parents how to assess what their and their child’s academic and emotional needs are. It encompasses a broad picture which includes the effects of a nutrition and exercise program (includes yoga, meditation, movement and other very special exercises) designed to enhance and meet their individual needs. It supplies the types of assessments required in order to create an educational and social plan that fits the child’s specific disability. It talks about creating a plan on how to manage and motivate the child. It gives an understanding of who the child is and how they learn and how they should be taught based upon their strengths. It talks about the role of the parent and how by understanding the behaviors that we as parents bring into the mix can help us to be more effective managers.