Wisdom in the family

"Wisdom in the family- A Guide to Creating a Family Plan"

 "Wisdom in the Family" incorporates looking at as many aspects of family dynamics that we may possibly experience. The book is a practical experience which will offer solutions to your problems. Yet the approach, as you will see, is a subtle one.

You will quickly see that ours is not “a quick fix” methodology.

Yes, the focus is on the family but the answers lie within accessing the powers and potentials within us as individuals. So I use the word subtle and gentle, because anytime we are asked to look within for answers, this strange phenomenon appears. It comes in the form of emotions and being uncomfortable. Our first inclination is to not want to go there. It is threatening and most of us want to retreat, not wanting to accept that the answers to our wishes exist within us.

Over the years, our mind has built up defenses (denial, anger, withdrawal, fear, etc.) that do not allow us to ‘see the forest through the trees.’

Family Wisdom almost surgically and very methodically will help you create an environment which allows you to map out your own plan. It will show you that by accessing your strengths and unlimited potential how you can help your children do the same for themselves.

We begin by showing you the picture or paradigm that parents have been operating with for generations. How we have been conditioned to think and act in the ways we do. It then offers you a new picture and, if we choose, how we may create a new paradigm…. for generations to come.

So we talk about things like:

·         Self-mastery.

·         Empowerment.

·         Stress.

·         A holistic way for living – a balanced approach of how we eat, what we are eating, exercise, relaxation, play and the roles these things have in creating a better way.

·         How to create balance between the work place and the family.

·         ‘Re-birthing” – how we can go back to heal some of these old ways we learnt to parent so we can make room for a new way.

·         Television and its effects on our children and family as a whole.

·         The connected family.

·         How to become better advocates for your children.

·         A Family Plan.


Through a practical model, we will guide you with information and exercises you can work with and have a hands-on experience of what it feels like to realize that you do have the power to transform the nature of your family.

Bear with us, be patient and gentle with yourselves as you are embarking on an adventure that will change your life forever, change your children’s lives and, believe it or not, change families for generations to come.



We at “Wisdom in the Family” are here to support you every step of the way and honor your courage, passion, dedication and brilliant efforts.