Educational Therapist

- who will provide programs for parents that have children with , Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Specific Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum and Developmental Disabilities which train and educate them specifically as to how to create effective environments for their kids. This would include:
  • Parenting styles; Temperaments/learning styles
  • How to be a better watcher and listener;
  • Creating positive Discipline; Applied Behavior Management
  • Tools for communication;
  • How we learn;
  • Effective nutrition and exercise regimes;
  • How to be a more effective advocate;
  • How to open up new doors for themselves and their children; creating awareness of those areas that are preventing positive growth;
  • Remediation techniques;
  • IEP (Individual Education Plan) procedures, alternatives which will provide the least restrictive environment for the education of their children.

2. To Provide  Psycho-Educational Assessments- 

        - This Psychoeducational assessment is designed to answer these questions: 

           Does the child have a learning disability(ies)? Attentional problems? What are the client’s academic and cognitive abilities, strengths,                  and  weaknesses?  What are appropriate educational recommendations and Accommodations?


To Provide  sensory – motor exercises designed to enhance the child’s capability to perform academically and behaviorally.


To develop Applied Behavioral Programs

designed to meet the specific needs of both your child and the family. This includes ongoing training and mentoring which provides maximum effectiveness and longevity which is the key to facilitating positive emotional and social growth


“Step –Forward Learning Center” will offer counseling services

to support the individual growth of its students. The intent of these services is to create an environment whereby the individual sees himself or herself as an empowered and self-mastered parent.


To provide programs relating to stress management, relaxation and exercise
for the entire family, which will prove that a fit body will promote, better performance within the home, school and community.