Education and Enrichment

(Educational Consulting/ Academic Programming/ Tutoring

We serve: Families with children from birth to 18. We work with a broad range of exceptionalities including, gifted, ADHD, Learning Disabilities Developmental Disabilities, and Autistic. We teach you how to be better advocates for your child.


  • Reading
  • Math
  • Social Skills
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Sensory-Motor Integration
  • Applied Behavior Management
  •  Writing

We begin with a unique approach to learning. All of our teaching is based on “Precision Teaching Methods.” Our children learn through different modalities and at different rates. Precision teaching focuses on 3 major Components:

  • Your child’s style or modality of learning.
  • The rate at which your child learns.
  • The accuracy at which your child learns.

Help your child learn to learn Our Objective Is to maximize student performance using a structure that establishes the groundwork for your child to develop more positive attitudes and to improve self-esteem. Caring professional help can allow your child to achieve greater success in school and at home. We begin by identifying your child's specific needs.

  • A thorough educational evaluation.
  • Identification of learning problems, including but not limited to, sensory deficits, behavioral problems and developmental delays.
  • Development of a remedial plan with defined learning and intervention strategies
  • Personalized Instruction

Our individualized programs help unlock the secrets of learning for all children, whatever their special needs. All of our children are unique and learn through different modalities and at different speeds Find out how through the use of very simple strategies we can help your child discover the joys of education and improve social and behavioral skills at the same time. We teach you how to be better teachers at home.

Individual Attention – We work with each child individually, so your child receives the specific help he or she needs. To ensure true understanding. Group Attention – Where appropriate we group (3-4) children that are on similar working levels. This provides for a very enriching and reinforcing environment.

Trained and Certified Teachers – Our teachers are highly trained and certified and they love teaching.

Parental Roles – Family members are full participants in all aspects of planning and delivery of services to maximize the child’s performance and development Acquire the information and skills; that you need in order to become better partners with your schools 

We are here to give your child confidence for life. 

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