Workshop 8 - The effects of media on our children

In today’s society, electronic media are thoroughly integrated into the fabric of life with television, computers, video games, movies, the internet and so on. It has been proven that our child spends 6-9 hours per day exposed to some type of media. Today’s journey focuses on impressions created by our media, the effects that it has on our childrens’ thoughts and actions both at home and school and some very important issues for us to consider:

   The modernization of  TV watching

   How Electronic Media Can Effect Your Child’s Brain Development and learning?

   Television – The Stressbuster Myth

   Television and the drug Cortisol – An unhealthy marriage

   How the TV affects our memory development and power of imagination?

   Teaching your child to be a critical viewer.

   The TV, Video games , Obesity and eating disorders – Could this be Possible?

   Find out for yourself take the Media Literacy quiz.

Creating an action plan